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Breakout Sessions CKI Conference 2015


BrainBox is an interactive environment for planning and subsequent negotiation of dynamic masterplans. It is a real-time modeling, decision-making and management tool that enables different stakeholders to create, asses and modify scenarios of development for a particular area. For more information please click on this link.

Center for Entrepreneurship

Technology moves forward all the time. TU Berlin's Center for Entrepreneurship helps creative minds To create societal value from the knowledge base of the university. As one example, StarTUp Incubation guides six technology-oriented idea teams over the course of one year to bring their idea to market successfully. For more information please click on this link.

E-Bus Berlin

The mobility of the future has come to Berlin. Since August 2015 the bus line 204 is driving electrically. Hereto, the buses have been equipped with an inductive loading systems. The buses are recharged at the end stations. The Bus project is part of the Mobility2Grid Research Campus. For more information please click on this link.

Smart Grid Lab

The SENSE Lab – Smart Grid Laboratory represents a real low voltage (LV) distribution feeder connecting power hardware-in-the-loop (HiL) as the representation of distributed generation, storage, and load appliances. Various smart control schemes can be applied which allows for network operation in form of a micro-grid. For more information please click on this link

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Hayri Göcke
CKI Manager
Center of Knowledge Interchange
Sekr. H92
Raum H 9169
Straße des 17. Juni 135
10623 Berlin
+49 30 314-28747
+49 30 314-28752